Rügener Kabarett-Regatta 2024 - MATHIAS TRETTER

Mathias TretterPhoto: Dominic Reichenbach

"Sex Fiend"

September, 09 and 10, 2024 at 7.30 p.m

There's no question that you have to see Mathias Tretter's new program. So here's another one: Do you remember the wonderful sentence “He's at the Moral police”? In the past, no serious crime story could do without it: custom. A courageously spent policeman in civilian clothes who didn't contribute in the slightest to solving a case, but who smeared himself so oilily on a counter as if he himself would never disdain any perversion.

Those days are over. Hundreds of thousands of people are now practicing the habit, without any crime or police, and usually without sex at all. It won't be long before morale will be just as well guarded in Germany as it is in the Chinese. We still lack their social points system, but we have Twitter. What the dictatorship does in China, the mob does here. Digital upgrade there, indignation here. What a fantastic climate for satire! At least that's what Tretter thinks, who can hardly believe his luck: “I was always jealous of comedians in dictatorships - when every joke can be your last, you feel needed. It's not that far yet; But the sheer number of volunteers who have concerns that we already have shows: Rarely has a rascal been as necessary as it is today!” One suspects: This could be cheerful – so much so that people will tweet again afterwards. Or Tretter again: “Sittenstrolch, my seventh solo. The first with humor.”

“Wer es nicht schafft, sich von der Couch aufzuraffen, wird auch nie erleben, wie unterhaltsam, erhellend und herrlich komisch so ein Kleinkunstabend mit politischem Kabarett sein kann. Tretter schafft es, bei gleichbleibend hohem intellektuellem Anspruch in einem derart unverschämt locker-nonchalanten Duktus und Habitus zu reden und zu spielen, dass man in Gedanken noch kein halbes Mal abschweift.“ (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
Regie: Mathias Repiscus 

Mathias Tretter was voted audience favorite by the audience at the Putbus Theatre in 2023 and will open the 28th Rügen Cabaret Regatta in 2024.

www. mathiastretter.de