The "Documentation on the restoration 1992-1998"

is more aimed at professionals with an interest in building history.
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"A theatre between sky and sea"

For the 200th anniversary of the Putbus Theatre Holger Teschke dug up amusing and entertaining stories from history and retold them.
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The comic "200 years of Putbus Theatre"

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by the authors Johannes Saurer (drawings) and Ulrike Albers (text and colors)published by Oyeblick GmbH tells episodes from theater history.
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The costs have been provided by numerous donors. The proceeds will benefit the Putbus Theater.
Price: € 5.50

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Flyer Historical Theatre Putbus

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A stumbling block for Kurt Brüssow

Biographie/Dokumentation: Der Auschwitz-Überlebende Kurt Brüsssow - Was bleibt, wenn der Vorhang fällt?
Source: "Sammlung Jürgen Wenke"

A stumbling block was laid on the 110th birthday of the former Greifswald actor Kurt Brüssow. After the war he headed the Putbus Theatre for a short time.

Biography / Documentation: The Auschwitz Survivor Kurt Brüsssow - What remains when the curtain falls?

"The fourth wall" ist published.

"The fourth wall" is a publication by the Theater Museum Berlin initiative.
The following link will lead you to an excerpt of the new publication

A brief history of the Putbus Theatre
by Klaus Möbus (Translation by the author)