A CD for Mari Namera

Since it has become very difficult for young, freelance young artists to secure their livelihood through concerts, Reinhard Piechocki, the initiator and moderator of the Piano Summer and the Chopiniade, two joint series of events with the Putbus Theater, had the idea of promoting virtuosos who were particularly worthy of support, such as the pianist Mari Namera, who comes from Japan and lives in Rostock, to help with the financing of her first CD.

To support Mari Namera, money is being collected for the production of her own CD. The target group are people of all ages who are interested in music.

Mari Namera is a pianist who has received an excellent education and has already achieved a lot through hard work. Everyone who donates at least 15 € will receive a CD with a personal signature.

The Theater Putbus development association supports this project and has started a campaign on the 99 Funken crowdfunding platform of the Sparkasse Vorpommern.

You can donate here: https://www.99funken.de/eine-cd-fuer-mari-namera

Donations are also collected on the association account IBAN DE65 1505 0500 0834 3801 02, BIC NOLADE21GRW at Sparkasse Vorpommern.
Please be sure to state “A CD for Mari Namera” and your postal address so that the CD and donation receipt can be sent to you.

Mari Namera

Born in Japan, the pianist began playing the piano at the age of three. She studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai) with Prof. Kei Itoh and at the Berlin University of the Arts with Prof. Elena Lapitskaja
and Prof. Björn Lehmann and since 2015 at the Rostock University of Music and Theater with Prof. Bernd Zack. She completed her studies with top marks. Mari Namera has received high honors in competitions such as the Japan Player's Competition, Roze Piano Competition, Verona International Piano Competition, and 1st Prize at the Yachiyo Music Competition. Since then she has appeared regularly in piano recitals and as a soloist with orchestras in Japan and Germany. Today she lives and teaches in Rostock.

On 08/30 at 7.30 p.m. she will play the following program in the Putbus Theater:

Ludwig van Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata (No. 14 op. 27 No. 2)
Toru Takemitsu: Les yeux clos
Franz Liszt: Rigoletto Paraphrase
Sergei Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet - 10 Pieces for Piano - Op.75