The Town of Putbus
Roses at the theatre entrance
Roses at the theatre entrance

Putbus is often referred to as a “town of roses” or “white town”. Beside its devotion to its culture and architecture, Putbus also strives to preserve nature – in the Protected Biosphere Area South-East Rügen – and offers to its visitors deciduous woodland, beautiful alleys, a big historic landscape park and quiet strands at shallow bays.

As a spiritual and cultural centre of Rügen, Putbus has much to offer to its guests. In addition to the unique island’s theatre,  visitors can enjoy a yearly festival (music, cabaret and drama), exhibitions in the Orangery, a Clock museum and a Puppet museum, various performances in the historic stables, as well as lectures and concerts.

In the first half of the 19th century, Putbus became the youngest European capital with classicist architecture. It presents a unique combination of nature and cultural romance in the stylish neoclassical surrounding enclosed in beautiful water- and forest landscapes with carefully preserved nature.
Putbus is an unforgettable architectural experience in the middle of regular landscape parks with glorious views and a charming harbour area.

With its cultural assets, Putbus is a high-standard cultural centre of Rügen. It is the first and the last station of a nostalgic light railway. Putbus is an oasis of health, nature and tranquillity away, yet not very far, from many popular sea resorts on the island.

The starting point for many ways to enjoy a Mediterranean holiday is Lauterbach, a district of Putbus, with its municipal harbour and a private marina.

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European Route of Historical Theatres
European Route of Historical Theatres

The European Route of Historialc Theatres comprises 12 routes to 120 most beautiful, interesting, and best preserved historical theatre buildings of our continent, through the times from Renaissance up to the 20th century.

The selected theatres can be visited in the day time as special sights.

You will find information about all 12 routes here:

Germany Route

Germany Route


The Hebebühne Association provides financial and non-material support to the Theater Vorpommern.



Heimatverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.

The Förderverein Theater Putbus e.V. is a member of the Heimatverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

For us, home is the concrete social, cultural and natural environment that people grow into or come into, that is particularly familiar to them or to which they want to build up a familiarity and close bond. Our association supports people who like, explore and cultivate traditional culture; he is committed to "cultural environmental protection" and creates cohesion.

MUTHEA e.V. – Federal Association of German Music and Theater Promotion Societies

The Förderverein Theater Putbus e.V. is a member the MUTHEA  e.V.- Federal Association of German Music and Theater Promotion Societies.

The purpose of the association MUTHEA e.V. is the promotion of cultural purposes, namely theater and concerts in Germany.
This is realized in particular by supporting the theatres, stages and orchestras in the Federal Republic in raising funds for investments and productions and by awarding grants. And by supporting the theatres, stages and orchestras of the Federal Republic of Germany in their public relations work, especially at national level, in order to arouse, maintain and increase the population's interest in the work of the theatres, stages and orchestras.


The historical theatres of Europe are a special part of the European cultural heritage. Whether one considers them as a museum or enjoys a theatre performance; whether they are open to the general public or privately owned – the European history is here alive in all its beauty.

To preserve this treasure for future generations, PERSPECTIV – SOCIETY OF EUROPEAN HISTORICAL THEATRES was founded in 2003. This charitable organisation wishes to:

  • support the preservation and restoration of historical theatres
  • establish a continuous exchange between theatres and theatre enthusiasts
  • initiate and promote research projects
  • make the general public aware of this very special European cultural heritage

Members of this society are historical theatres which were built between 1500 and approx. 1900.  Anyone, who supports the goals of the society, can also become its member.


The Vorpommern Ballet Friends’ Association

The Association strives to consistently promote the Vorpommern Theatre Ballett, contribute to its further development, and make the general public aware of its work for the society and culture.

The cultural purposes of the Association are charitable matters.


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