Archive of the year 2021

Day of Historical Theatres on October 25th, 2021

Day of Historical Theatres on October 25th, 2021 in the Putbus Theatre

On the Day of the Historical Theatres, we invited all members of our association to a lecture with a discussion on the subject "Digitization and association work - that is not difficult".

We presented the possibilities our website offers and what our Facebook presence can do. We are also represented on the YouTube channel of Theater Vorpommern. The aim was to take the fear of participating there while observing data protection.

"Association Day" on October 24th, 2021 in the Putbus Theatre

"Association Day" on October 24th, 2021 in the Putbus Theatre

"Association Day" on October 24th, 2021 in the Putbus Theatre

The Förderverein Theater Putbus e.V. had invited the other development associations of the Theater Vorpommern "Hebebühne e.V." and "Förderverein Ballett Vorpommern e.V." to a meeting in Putbus. We wanted to get to know each other better, exchange experiences and continue our education. The clubs introduced themselves at an introduction in the theater hall. Then there was a theater tour. After lunch, lectures followed on financing options, recruiting and retaining members. At 4 p.m. we invited the guests to a coffee table.

Historical Theatres Exploration Trip to Bad Lauchstädt

Thanks for the interesting theater trip to Bad Lauchstädt from June 24th - 27th, 2021

This theater trip was again an experience and in the end, in addition to the many wonderful memories, a big thank you to our association chairman Klaus Möbus for the great selection of the individual travel destinations and the perfect organization.

“Repeat offenders” as well as fellow travelers for the first time give a “thumbs up” for the hotel selection and catering, for the harmonious itinerary and also for the relaxed bus trips that Olaf from the bus company “boy tours” made possible for us.

The tours through the Ballenstedt Castle Theater, the Karl-Maria-von-Weber-Theater in Bernburg and the Goethe-Theater Bad Lauchstädt showed us how important it is to preserve the historical theaters as jewels of cultural life and to preserve their history. And how unique all three theaters are in their design and history! We were also able to inspect the last reconstruction phase in the Goethetheater Bad Lauchstädt shortly before its reopening under the expert guidance of the managing director René Schmidt and were overwhelmed by the historical and still fully functional stage technology.

It was a pleasure for our inquisitive cultural tour group to talk to members of the Friends of the Goethe-Theater Bad Lauchstädt e.V. over coffee and cake. And we were also able to experience a performance by the theater. We were actually looking forward to Barbara Schnitzler, who should be seen as Charlotte von Stein in Peter Hack's successful play “A conversation in the Stein house about the absent Herr von Goethe”. Unfortunately, a serious traffic accident with the actress destroyed this announcement. But still the planned theater evening in the Kursaal did not have to fall through. The actor Bernt Hahn presented with “Do you know Kästner?” An (un) cozy evening with texts by the well-known humorist. The audience was grateful for this short-term commitment.

The "Round trip downstream" with the passenger ship "MS Saalefee" as well as the visit to the Arche Nebra provided variety, relaxation and new insights and views. Who does not know it - the famous sky disc. You can find out everything about them in the museum, and you can visit their place of discovery in the vicinity. Finally, the city tour followed by a tour of Halle should get a “thumbs up”, as we had to dispel obsolete prejudices: Halle is much more than just “slab”; around 20,000 students provide a breath of fresh air and the Burg Giebichenstein art college, in addition to various theaters and galleries, provide art and culture enjoyment.

“Where is the next theater trip going to?” Was the final question of this year's theater trip, to which 22 club members and theater friends made their way despite the slightly more difficult Corona conditions. And it was made more difficult - even very - for the organizer Klaus Möbus, who had clarified all open questions in advance with flying colors - right up to the planned and then very uncomplicated “visit” to the test center.

We look forward to the next theater tour in 2022, which should then take us into Scandinavian cultural and theater life.

Brigitte Krooss