Archive of the year 2019

Historical Theatres Exploration Trip to Weimar 24.05. - 27.05.2018

That was our 2020 Theatres Exploration Trip to Potsdam

It was easier to take the bus to Weimar. This time we visited two theaters from the Germany route of historic theaters in Gotha and Kochberg.

After arrival we moved into our rooms in the Hotel Kaiserin Augusta in Weimar. A city tour and a four-course meal in the hotel were then on the agenda.

On Friday we went early to the Eckhof Theater in Gotha. The old, originally preserved stage technology with the numerous transformation options was particularly impressive. After lunch in the Pagenhaus in the castle there was still time for a city tour before the bus took us back to Weimar. In the evening we attended a musical and literary event in the Cranachhaus, which refreshed our knowledge of Schiller and Goethe.

On Saturday the Anna Amalia library was on the agenda before the bus took us to the Kochberg garden pleasure. Kochberg welcomed us with bright sunshine and "theater manager" Silke Gablenz-Kolakovic showed us "her" theater. A castle tour was also possible. We went back to Weimar far too early, because "Tannhäuser" in the German National Theater began at 5 p.m.

On Sunday we experienced a guided tour of the Weimar Theater, a meal together with members of the Friends of the Association and then we went back to our island.