Archive of the year 2016

Historical Theatres Exploration Trip to Schwerin 14.10. - 16.10.2016

We took the train to Schwerin and stayed at the InterCity Hotel. After arrival we still had time to visit the Schwerin art collection. In the evening we could visit the opera gala in the State Theater.

The second day began with a city tour "Schweriner Aussichten", which introduced us to Schwerin from the church towers. In the afternoon we followed the presentation of the program for the following season in the theatre. The ballet evening "Ravel" ended the day in an impressive way.

The Sunday began with a tour of the theater by a member of the "Theaterfreunde Schwerin". We met some members of the Schwerin club for brunch and interesting conversations in the "Ruderhaus" restaurant. We happily took the train home.